BMIL: Brain and Machine Intelligence Lab

We build Machine Intelligence
by learning Brain

두뇌의 원리를 이해하여 기계를 위한 지능을 만들고자 합니다

BMIL /Bi Mil/ (비밀; meaning “secret” in Korean) is Brain and Machine Intelligence Laboratory lead by Prof. Minhae Kwon. We aim to learn the secret of the brain and build machine intelligence. Our mission is not limited to building algorithms for a single intelligence, but we also aim to build a network (society) of machine intelligences.

Our research interests include Artificial Intelligence, Network Science and Brain Science (computational neuroscience).


[Sep 2020] Jungmin joins BMIL as a lab manager! Welcome on board!
[Aug 2020] Hyoseon and Nayoung (co-advising) join BMIL! Welcome on board!
[May 2020] Our new research project “Reinforcement Learning Based Distributed Control for Mobile Networks” will be supported by NRF(National Research Foundation of Korea).
[May 2020] Our paper “Rational Thoughts in Neural Codes” is accepted to PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America). (IF 9.58, Top 9%)
[March 2020] BMIL has openings for funded Ph.D students and a postdoctoral researcher position in multi-agent reinforcement learning. See “opportunities” menu for more details.
[March 2020] The webpage for BMIL has now been opened!

BMIL @ Soongsil University
369 Sangdo-ro, Sangdo-dong, Dongjak-gu, Seoul 06978, Republic of Korea
m i n h a e (at)