BMIL: Brain and Machine Intelligence Lab.

We build machine intelligence
by learning brains

두뇌의 원리를 이해하여 기계를 위한 지능을 만들고자 합니다

BMIL /Bi Mil/ (비밀; meaning “secret” in Korean) is Brain and Machine Intelligence Laboratory led by Prof. Minhae Kwon. We aim to learn the secret of the brain and build machine intelligence. Our mission is not limited to building algorithms for a single intelligence, but we also aim to build a network (society) of machine intelligence.

Our research interests include Artificial Intelligence, Network Science, and Brain Science (computational neuroscience).


[Nov 2022] 우리 연구실은 겨울방학 학부생 연구원을 모집합니다. 본 링크에서 지원하세요!
[Nov 2022] Dongsu’s Korean patent “Method for Combating Stop-and-Go Wave Problem Using Deep Reinforcement Learning based Autonomous Vehicles, Recording medium and device for performing this the method” has been issued (Patent no. 10-2457914).
[Oct 2022] Dongsu’s journal article “Stability Analysis in Mixed-autonomous Traffic with Deep Reinforcement Learning” has been accepted to IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology. [Digital Times] [Newsis]
[Sep 2022] Sujin’s journal article “Reproduction Factor Based Latent Epidemic Model Inference: A Data-driven Approach Using COVID-19 Datasets” has been accepted to IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics.  [Chosun Ilbo] [AI Times]
[Sep 2022] 2 papers will be presented at Korea AI Conference. See you on Jeju Island!
[Aug 2022] Hyoseon and Miru’s journal article “Hierarchical Detection of Network Anomalies: A Self-supervised Learning Approach” has been accepted to IEEE Signal processing letters. [AI Times] [Newsis]
[Aug 2022] Hyoseon’s paper “Partial Federated Learning Based Network Intrusion System for Mobile Devices” has been accepted to ACM MobiHoc.
[July 2022] Sujin’s journal article “DTMC-based Epidemic Model for Hidden Patients Estimation: Using COVID-19 Dataset of South Korea” is accepted to J-KICS.
[July 2022] Hyoseon’s Korean patent “Anomaly Detection Method Based on IoT and Apparatus Thereof” has been issued (Patent no. 10-2419687).
[June 2022] Chanin joined BMIL. Welcome aboard!
[June 2022] Miru and Hyoseon’s journal article “Network Anomaly Detection System Using Hidden Layer Information of Autoencoder” is accepted to J-KICS.
[May 2022] Nayoung’s journal article “Curriculum Reinforcement Learning for Cohesive Team in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks” is accepted to IEEE Communications Letters. [link]
[May 2022] Dongsu’s journal article “ADAS-RL: Safety Learning Approach for Stable Autonomous Driving” is accepted to ICT Express. [link]
[Apr 2022] Sujin, Dongsu, and Minhae are invited to AI Week 2022! See you in Edmonton, Canada!
[Apr 2022] Prof. Kwon will give a talk “Human-AI Collaboration: A Reinforcement Learning Perspective” at AI Frontier Summit 2022.
[Apr 2022] Dongsu, Miru, and Hyoseon won the Best Paper Award at KICS 2022 Winter Conference. Congratulations!
[Apr 2022] 3 papers will be presented at JCCI2022. See you in Sokcho!
[Feb 2022] 3 papers will be presented at KICS 2022 Winter Conference.
[Jan 2022] Hyoseon and Miru’s paper “Hierarchical Autoencoder for Network Intrusion Detection” has been accepted to IEEE ICC 2022. Congratulations! [Hankyoreh] [Chosun Ilbo]
[Nov 2021] Nayoung’s journal article “Q-learning Based Ad-Hoc Network Formation Strategy for Wireless Nodes with Random Mobility Models” is now officially published. [link]
[Nov 2021] Prof. Kwon gives a tutorial talk “Modeling minds: a reinforcement learning perspective” at the KICS fall conference. [Youtube]
[Nov 2021] Miru won Dean’s Award for Senior Design Competition.
[Nov 2021] Sujin and Dongsu won the Soongsil Patent Competition.
[Oct 2021] Sujin’s workshop paper “A Markov Chain Based Compartmental Model for COVID-19 in South Korea” will be presented at Machine Learning in Public Health Workshop at NeurIPS2021.
[Oct 2021] Dongsu’s journal article “Combating Stop-and-Go Wave Problem at a Ring Road Using Deep Reinforcement Learning Based Autonomous Vehicles” is now officially published. [link]
[Oct 2021] Sujin’s workshop paper “Data-driven Markov Chain Model for COVID-19 Transmission in South Korea” will be presented at NewInML at NeurIPS2021.
[Oct 2021] Dongsu’s workshop paper “Stability Analysis in Mixed-Autonomous Traffic with Deep Reinforcement Learning” will be presented at Deep RL Workshop at NeurIPS2021. [media]
[Oct 2021] Sujin’s workshop paper “A Data-driven Approach to Infer Latent Dynamics of COVID-19 Transmission Model” will be presented at the WiML Workshop at NeurIPS2021.
[Sep 2021] 5 papers will be presented at Korea AI Conference.
[Aug 2021] Miru joined BMIL. Welcome aboard!
[June 2021] Hyoseon’s journal article “PCA-based Low-complexity Anomaly Detection” is now officially published. [link]
[June 2021] Dongsu, Hyoseon, and Miru won ICT Service Idea Competition!
[June 2021] 3 papers will be presented at KICS Summer Conference.
[Apr 2021] 4 papers will be presented at JCCI2021. See you in Busan, Korea!
[Mar 2021] BMIL won the KICS Undergraduate Paper Competition!
[Feb 2021] Dongsu joined BMIL. Welcome aboard!
[Dec 2020] Our story is introduced in the NRF(National Research Foundation of Korea) blog! [link]
[Dec 2020] Sujin joined BMIL! Welcome aboard!
[Nov 2020] Our PNAS journal article “Rational Thoughts in Neural Codes” is now officially published! [media1] [media2]
[Nov 2020] The story about our NeurIPS paper is in the media! [JoongAng Daily][Electronic Times]
[Oct 2020] Hyoseon will present her workshop paper “PCA-based Low-complexity Anomaly Detection for Low-end IoT Devices” at WiML@NeurIPS2020. [media]
[Oct 2020] Hyoseon won the Soongsil Patent Competition! Congratulations! [article]
[Sep 2020] Our paper “Inverse Rational Control with Partially Observable Continuous Nonlinear Dynamics” is accepted at NeurIPS 2020 [arXiv].
[Aug 2020] Hyoseon and Nayoung (co-advising) joined BMIL! Welcome aboard!

BMIL @ Soongsil University
369 Sangdo-ro, Sangdo-dong, Dongjak-gu, Seoul 06978, Republic of Korea
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