대학원생 선발 (학석연계/석사/석박통합)

소수 정예로 운영되는 BMIL은 소수의 최우수 학생들을 선발하여 지도교수와 선배들의 긴밀한 지도로 글로벌 인재로 성장시키는 것을 목표로 하고 있습니다. 대학원생 선발을 위해 방학기간동안 학부생 인턴 과정을 운영하고 해당 과정을 통과한 학생에 한하여 대학원 진학을 허용 합니다. 학부생 인턴은 매년 5월, 11월 초에 선발하며 BMIL 인턴선발 공고 메일링 리스트에 등록한 학생에 한하여 인턴선발 세부 일정 관련 이메일 전송을 진행합니다.

3학년이하(1-5학기 재학중): 아직 전공지식이 충분치 않아 지원을 허용하지 않습니다. 수학교과목(특히 Random Process, Linear Algebra)을 꼭 수강하고 학점관리 잘하세요. Coursera Machine Learning, Stanford Machine Learning, UC Berkeley Deep Reinforcement Learning을 개인적으로 학습하길 권합니다. 영어공부를 열심히 하고 공인영어시험점수(TOEIC, TOEIC SPEAKING, OPIc 중 택1)를 900/AL/IH이상 받아놓길 권합니다.
3학년(5학기 재학중): 우리 연구실 진학을 희망하는 학생 중 학석연계과정이나 조기졸업을 예정한 경우에만 허용합니다. 자기소개와 희망 학위과정(학석연계/ 조기졸업후 석사진학)을 포함한 진학 면담 신청 이메일을 지도교수에게 보낸 후 방학중 학부생연구과정에 참여하세요.
3-4학년(6-7학기 재학중):
우리 연구실로 대학원 진학 희망의사를 이메일로 지도교수에게 보낸 후 방학중 학부생연구과정에 참여하세요. 
– 4학년(8학기이상재학중): 자기소개와 관심연구분야, 대학원 진학희망 이유, 희망하는 학위과정(석사/석박통합)을 포함한 진학 면담신청 이메일을 지도교수에게 보내세요.

Postdoctoral Fellowship

BMIL is looking for a full-time postdoctoral researcher. The successful applicant will be involved in the project of multi-agent reinforcement learning.

– Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering or in a relevant field
– Experience in (deep) reinforcement learning with Python programming
– Outstanding publication records
– Strong mathematical skills

Preferred skills:
– Knowledge of wireless/mobile networks, game theory, network science

The postdoctoral fellowship is for an initial appointment of one year, with further extensions depending on progress. The positions provide a competitive annual salary and benefits. The start date is flexible, and we look forward to reviewing the completed applications as they arrive.

Applying: Applicants should email 1) a letter of research interests and 2) CV to Prof. Minhae Kwon (m i n h a e (at) ssu.ac.kr).

Funded Ph.D. Students

BMIL is looking for self-motivated Ph.D. students in artificial intelligence, network science, communication systems, and computational neuroscience.

– Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Statistics, Mathematics or in a relevant field obtained in Korea or abroad
– Strong interest in solving engineering/scientific challenges
– Ability to develop the research topic independently; high motivation for scientific activity
– Willingness to complete a dissertation
– Willingness to support teaching and mentor undergraduate students

Applying: The prospective students should email 1) 1-page Statement of Purpose and 2) CV or Resume to Prof. Minhae Kwon (m i n h a e (at) ssu.ac.kr). We highly recommend emailing me at least two weeks before the admission office deadline.

Special Notes for international students: In Korea, the spring semester begins on March 2nd and the fall semester begins on September 1st every year.

Live in Seoul: Seoul is the heart of modern Asia and a fascinating and energetic city! Seoul is one of the safest big cities in the world with good public transportations and health care systems. A lot of global corporates like Samsung, LG, and Hyundai are located in or near Seoul, lots of job opportunities are always around you!

Study at Soongsil: Soongsil University is one of the best private universities in Korea, located at the heart of Seoul. Soongsil is the first modern university in Korean history, established in 1897. With the long history, alumni of Soongsil play important roles in Korea, especially in Computer Science & Engineering, Information Technology (IT) and Electronics Engineering. Study at Soongsil and be a member of the globally strong alumni group!

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